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pregnancy chiropractic treatment


There is an immense amount of change and development in the bodies of both mum and baby during pregnancy. Our aim is to support you through these changes, keep you active, well and healthy, and ensure the baby is too so that you are both ready for birth.

Pregnancy chiropractor care has been shown to decrease pain and discomfort during pregnancy, as well as reduce labour times and difficulties. 

babie and children chiropractic treatment

Babies and Kids

For new babies, the whole world is brand new – from sights, sounds, feelings and experiences. Our goal is to ensure that your baby is growing and developing well, meeting milestones, and thriving despite these new stresses so that they can be healthy and well right from the start and stay that way!


Kids are tough and seem to bounce back pretty quickly – but how much are those small topples when learning to walk actually building up as stress in your child’s body? How about the big feelings that they can’t communicate to you yet? Growing up is pretty hard, so we want to make sure your family is all growing well, and the everyday bumps and falls aren’t accumulating up into bigger problems in adulthood. Our family chiropractic is here to support healthy growth.

sports injury treatment at papakura chiropractic

Sports and Performance

Whether you are just starting out, playing sport socially or are a seasoned athlete, we want to help you improve your overall health so that you can keep building momentum and training at higher levels.


When your body is functioning optimally, you are able to activate the correct muscles at their peak strength, and you have better control and storage of energy for you to use during the game. This means you can train harder, perform better, and reach higher goals!

recovery from injury can be treated at papakura chiropractic

Injury and Recovery

When our body is compensating for ongoing everyday stress, it becomes weakened and more susceptible to injury or illness. It also doesn’t have the required energy stored to heal fast and effectively.


Whether you are experiencing injury from a sporting or work incident, car accident or even a fall, chiropractic adjustment can help support your body in managing its stress so that you can heal faster and more effectively. Natural chiropractic is also a great option for reducing your pain while your injury heals underneath!

chronic pain treatment at papakura chiropractic

Chronic Pain

A lot of the time, we have been putting stress into our bodies without even realizing it. This is because only a very small percentage of our nerves detect pain. Often, our bodies don’t alert us to the fact that something is wrong until long after the problem first started, which is where we meet most of our chronic pain patients.


A chiro can help you to manage your chronic pain by getting down to the root cause of the problem and healing at that level, rather than covering the symptoms. Ranging from chiropractor for hip pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and more.

immunity improvement through treatment at papakura chiropractic

Improving Immunity

It has been found that people who receive chiropractic care have a 200% more effective immune system compared to people who don’t. That means they respond twice as fast and strongly to unwanted germs trying to enter their body.


Stress within the body is a natural immune suppressant – it weakens the immune function. Natural chiropractic care helps your body manage its built-up stress, whether mental or physical so that you have a better chance at quickly and effectively fighting off any germs trying to attack your system.

aging better through chiropractic treatment

Ageing Successfully

Independence is hugely important as people get older, and the main reasons people begin to lose their independence are due to immobility, injury or illness. Top chiropractor care has been shown to positively affect pain levels, physical and emotional stress, balance, mobility, immunity, strength and recovery, and much more.


Our goal for you is to improve your quality of life by ensuring that these areas of your life are all working as well as they can so you can keep enjoying the important things in life for as long as possible!

health improvement through chiropractic treatment

Health Improvement

Your nervous system is the most important system of your body – it controls everything.


We aim to educate and empower our people towards their best health and potential through the highest quality, natural chiropractic care. Our goal is to help you achieve yours!

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