Dr. Ilaaria Khan

Dipp.App.Sci, B.Chiro, EVT Certified, MNZCA


I’ve always wanted to motivate people to improve their health so they can achieve their goals in life. This desire to achieve more, for myself and the people I serve, drew me towards chiropractic treatment as a career.

Now that I have finished studying, I am dedicated to providing the families in my community who want to grow, age, and live exceptionally, with the benefits of chiropractic care so they can experience the best for themselves and their loved ones.


Dr. Mohammed Khan

B.Chiro, EVT Certified, MNZCA


I started my chiropractic therapy journey through skepticism when my sister started seeing a chiropractor for headaches. My perspective flipped when I saw the profound improvement not only in her pain but also in being less tired after work and enjoying family time. I value my family, which inspired me to provide the same life-changing experiences to other families in my community. Six years later, I graduated from the prestigious New Zealand College of Chiropractic and since then I can genuinely say the best thing about my job is that I change people’s lives for a living. I love it!

Hazel Lohi-at-Papakura-Chiropractic

Dr. Hazel Lohi

Dipp.App.Sci, B.Chiro, MNZCA


I've always been motivated to use a holistic health approach to help people get better naturally because it personally changed my life. In high school, I injured my lower back during a hockey tournament. I tried the usual healthcare options to no avail. It wasn’t until my teacher recommended chiropractic services that I got under regular chiropractic adjustment and haven’t looked back since.

I fell in love with the profession right away since it fulfilled my ambitions and aims to holistically improve people's health, so they may reach their life goals as it allowed me to! Since my senior year of high school, I have worked diligently to become the best chiropractor I can be.

As a doctor of chiropractic, I am committed to being comprehensive and listening to people as I provide chiropractic care with integrity to all members of the community. To help each person reach their full potential, live in a better level of health, and encourage others to follow suit.


Jess Wallis-Scott

Chiropractic Practice Assistant

"I have always had an interest in holistic health and care, which is why i became a Beauty Therapist specialising in massage; making people feel great and healthy inside and out is what drives me. Papakura Chiropractic's values align with my own - which made the opportunity to work within their team appeal to me.

I am a busy mother of two teenage boys so I never have a dull day - this also motivates me to work on my health.

Until I started receiving chiropractic treatment at Papakura Chiropractic, I didn't realise how much I needed it and how poorly my body was functioning without it. Through their guidance, care, and advice I have seen great improvements in my physical health. And through working in this role, I have gained a great sense of job satisfaction, continue to learn and develop and feel like a valued member of their team."


Jodie Van Den Berg

Chiropractic Practice Assistant

I am currently studying a conjoint degree in a Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences, majoring in Anthropology at the University of Waikato. I have a beautiful, bubbly baby girl who definitely keeps me on my toes and is my main motivation in life. I have always been interested in natural chiropractic as our nervous system is so important! The atmosphere at Papakura Chiropractic is phenomenal! With an amazing team, every day is not the same! I love interacting with all our patients and learning something new each day! I am super friendly and always down for a chat!

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