What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care focuses on the delicate relationship between the brain and the body. The brain communicates to the body using the spinal cord and nerves as its ‘information highway’, transporting messages back and forth.

The spinal cord and nerves sit safely within the spine, which means the structure and function of your spine is hugely important! If your spine is functioning poorly, the information highway to and from your brain can be compromised, leaving your body in a state of poor function as well.

People who are under chiropractic care have a much better chance at maintaining their spine in good function, which allows their information highway to flow freely and their body to thrive – it’s as simple as that!

The team at Papakura Chiropractic are here to guide you on your journey.


About Papakura Chiropractic

Our goal as chiropractors is to ensure there is a clear pathway between the brain and body. By clearing the nervous system, the people who come to Papakura Chiropractic can live a life more vibrant, that’s how we give our people the best chance at healing, adapting to life, growing or aging successfully – no matter who they are or what stage they are at in their life.


The values we love to live and practice by are “HIGH Quality”.

  • Everything we do and everything we achieve is about loving and living life at the highest quality!
  • As chiropractors, we want to have our own integrity at the highest priority because our people deserve nothing less.
  • We want happiness and fulfilment in life as we are all growing into better beings.
  • Most importantly all the other factors need to play together in ideal harmony.

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