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Here at Papakura Chiropractic we are focused on attaining results for you and your family, so that you and everyone you love can enjoy the benefits of a body that is working as optimally as it should.


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Rossalia Almeida
Rossalia Almeida
Excellent service. From booking and accomodating your appointments through to payment. Been to several Chiropractor along the years, my standards were high and Dr. Kent ticked all the boxes. He fixed my lower back in only few weeks. Professional , reliable and caring practitioner. One of the best, if not the best, Chiropractor in Auckland. Forever grateful to you!
joe blow
joe blow
Excellent Team of professionals, always looking out for their customers. Very thorough in what they do with care and support, so highly recommended.
Priscilla le Pere
Priscilla le Pere
Both Mohammed and Ilaraia were very helpful with training procedures. Was great to meet them both.
happy thind
happy thind
Great team with proper technology to figure what s going on ur body i been suffering from back pain nd shoulder pain fr long time after seeing them its lot better recommended 👌
Arshi Madan
Arshi Madan
If u have a back issue, this is the place to visit. Dr Kent is really experienced and knows what he does. I have been going to them past 4 years or more and they are reliable and they have helped me in holiday time (outside the working hours)
Amy Lee
Amy Lee
First visit to the chiropractor ever in my life. Dr Kent is very friendly and professional. Answers all the questions and gives clear explanation about what is happening. Already feels better after few visits However, everytime I attend the clinic I seem to be waiting for longer than expected. First visit waited about half an hour? Was asked to return for a X-ray after two hours (not sure why it wasn’t done at the same time) and ended up waiting for an hour. Few more visits after, I waited at least 15-20min until I had been seen for a quick adjustments. Would be appreciated if clinic runs a bit more strict with time. Usually for people who work full time, you are either early in the morning before work or late at night after work and you really don’t want to wait for that long. I think time management is also important aspect with providing satisfactory service to the patients. Do love the friendly, comfortable environment though
Jim Humphrey
Jim Humphrey
Dr. Kent is very professional utilising all the latest diagnostic technology to analyse what is required before treatment commences. Having never visited a chiropractor before I was initially apprehensive but the post- diagnostic adjustment process has been simple and pain free. They are an extremely friendly team and have always accommodated my cancellations or appointment adjustments. I also enjoy Dr. Kent’s energy and enthusiasm and have engaged in many interesting discussions during treatment on a wide range of subjects. I would highly recommend Dr. Kent and his team !
Christine Chong
Christine Chong
Papakura Chiropractic is a great place to go to every week. I have been suffering from shoulder and back pain and it has gotten much better through the care of Dr. Kent. The team is warm and friendly, definitely worth going if you want to restore your health.
Kent Blackbourn
Kent Blackbourn
Awesome friendly people who really listen to you and what you need.

Our Services

Our Services

pregnancy chiropractic treatment

Pregnancy Chiropractor

A top chiropractor aims to support both mum & baby through this time of change to give them the best chance at a successful pregnancy.

babie and children chiropractic treatment

Kids and Babies

Developing and learning can be tough. At our chiropractic centre we ensure our kids are growing healthy and strong!

sports injury treatment at papakura chiropractic

Sports Performance

You perform at your best when your body is functioning optimally! We help you take your performance past what you thought was possible!

recovery from injury can be treated at papakura chiropractic

Injury and Recovery

With natural chiropractic treatment, we help the body to heal more efficiently, so you can get back to what you love!

chronic pain treatment at papakura chiropractic

Chronic Pain

Are you looking for a chiropractor for hip pain or migraines? Manage your pain at the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms.

immunity improvement through treatment at papakura chiropractic

Improving Immunity

Reducing your body’s built-up stress for a natural immunity boost! See how natural chiropractic care can help.

aging better through chiropractic treatment

Ageing Successfully

Allowing you to keep moving at your best, to continue doing what you love for as long as possible. A family chiropractic centre.

health improvement through chiropractic treatment

Health Improvement

A chiropractor encourages you to look at health from all angles, so we can create a plan that is right for your health!


Why Choose Papakura Chiropractic?

Personal Care

At our chiropractic centre, you're not just a number. We put significant thought and effort into each new patient so that we can truly make a difference in your life. You have our undivided attention.

Greater Value

We never charge chiropractic care by the hour. We provide the time each patient needs without cutting corners, with anyone, ever. That way, you are never overcharged for chiropractic treatment.

Bespoke Plan

Everyone is unique and your natural chiropractic plan should be completely tailored to achieve optimal health for you. Don't be fooled by one-size-fits-all chiropractic treatment plans.

Holistic Approach

4 neurological scans, full health history, orthopedic testing, posture analysis, range of motion testing, neurological testing, and full spinal examination. A complete chiropractor inspection.

Papakura Chiropractic - Your Local Family Chiropractic Centre

About Our Practice

Papakura Chiropractic is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of Papakura. The Papakura chiropractor practice itself has been serving the community for over 60 years. As the third-generation chiropractors here we are so passionate about bringing vibrancy to the life of every individual we connect with!

We focus on the health of the whole body, through natural chiropractic care. We do this using a series of functional tests, neurological scans, postural assessments, and x-rays (if needed) to understand exactly what stresses your body is trying to overcome.


State Of The Art Technology & Practices

On-site x-ray facilities at papakura chiropractic


Papakura Chiropractic are registered ACC providers

ACC Registered Chiropractor

neurological scans at papakura chiropractic

Four Neurological

Top to Toe full body assessment

Top to Toe Full-Body Assessment


Meet Our Team


Dr. Ilaaria Khan

Dipp.App.Sci, B.Chiro, EVT Cert, MNZCA


Dr. Mohammed Khan

B.Chiro, EVT Cert, MNZCA


Jess Wallis-Scott

Chiropractic Assistant

Jodie Van Den Berg

Chiropractic Assistant

Start Your Natural Chiropractic Journey With Us


Initial Consultation

Made up of a full history and physical examination, including state-of-the-art neural scanning technology, full spinal examination, Range of  Motion testing, and a chiropractor X ray (if required)


Problem Report

A top chiropractor will explain to you the findings of your last visit, what we think is going on, and how we help you. This visit includes your first chiropractic adjustment.


Solution Report & Care Plan

After seeing how your body reacts to your first chiropractic adjustment, we create a care plan going forward with you. We will decide with you on the frequency of these adjustment visits on a regular basis.


Progress Visit

A 'checkpoint' at the end of your natural chiropractic care plan to see how we are going. This allows us to ensure we are getting the desired outcome and are meeting your goals, so that we know how to continue moving forward with your care.


Maintaining Your Health

After we reach your goals, it's important to keep your body tuned up to ensure your body doesn't fall back into poor functioning habits. A good chiropractor will always advise on preventative measures to take in the future. 

Our Hours - Chiropractic Centre

Our Papakura chiropractic centre is open a range of hours to suit most people’s busy schedules, including weekends. Call us to get started on your chiropractic treatment journey! These are our usual opening hours, however, they can change. Please give us a call to find out more about our chiropractic office.

  • Monday

    Morning: 8:00am - 12:00pm
    Afternoon: 3:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Tuesday

    Morning: CLOSED
    Afternoon: 3:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Wednesday

    Morning: 8:00am - 12:00pm
    Afternoon: 3:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Monday

    Morning: 8:00am - 12:00pm
    Afternoon: 3:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Tuesday

    Morning: CLOSED
    Afternoon: 3:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Wednesday

    Morning: 8:00am - 12:00pm
    Afternoon: 3:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Thursday

    Morning: 8:00am - 12:00pm
    Afternoon: 3:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Friday

    Morning: 8:00am - 12:00pm
    Afternoon: CLOSED

  • Saturday

    Morning: 8:00am - 12:00pm
    Afternoon: CLOSED

We are conveniently located with plenty of parking available within and outside our family chiropractic practice. We also offer a range of services from a back chiropractor to baby chiropractic services. Any questions, feel free to leave us a message via our contact form or simply call us on (09) 298 7766.

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Once you select your preferred chiropractic treatment date, we will be in touch regarding availability and confirmation. 


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a chiropractor do?

    A chiropractor is someone with a focus on your nervous and musculoskeletal systems to improve overall health. A good chiropractor will focus on your bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Our Chiropractor clinic has highly educated and trained professionals specialised in identifying problems related to your nervous system. This includes neuromuscular disorders and related concerns like headaches and migraines, sciatic nerve, arthritis, sports injuries, text neck, and menstruation. We also specialise as a chiropractor for hip pain and family chiropractic office.

    Natural chiropractic adjustment can also help with stress, and anxiety, quality of sleep, boost your immune system, and increase flexibility.

    Our local chiropractor clinic promotes a healthy lifestyle, including the way you eat and exercise.

    The very first consultation at our family chiropractic practice often revolves around your health history and analysis. Most importantly, our chiropractor team will determine the appropriateness of chiropractic care. 

    At our family chiropractic, examinations will involve posture and range of motion observations, palpation, neurological tests, and x-rays if necessary. The main purpose is to analyse the condition of the spine and nervous system and how it is functioning. 

    Chiropractors don’t prescribe medications or surgery because they use other methods to give the body a chance to heal itself. The term "chiropractic" comes from the Greek words "cheiro-" and "practikos," meaning "done by hand".

    Our local chiropractor team use hands and instruments for adjustments. During a typical chiropractic adjustment, your chiropractor places you in specific positions to treat affected areas.

    Their treatments also include:

    • Relaxation
    • Stretching and exercise
    • Hot and cold treatment
    • Guiding on diet and healthy eating
    • Muscle stimulation

    Services range from spine adjustment, chiropractor hip adjustment, to chiropractor for migraines and chiropractor X ray.


    What are the main principles and beliefs behind natural chiropractic treatment?

    Chiropractic therapy was established on the principles of providing an alternative treatment option to drugs and invasive medical procedures. The founder of natural chiropractic treatment, David Daniel Palmer, called it “a science of healing without drugs”. This claim is based on the belief that the body has powerful self-healing ability. Furthermore, it’s believed that there’s a relationship between body structure and function that directly impacts the health of the individual. These concepts lead to the idea that chiropractic services can re-find balance between body structure and function to encourage healing. One of the reasons people see a chiropractor for headaches, for example. 

    Moreover, the nervous system controls the human body through nerves branching from the spinal cord and vertebral column. Any dysfunction in the spinal cord is seen as interference in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. With this principle in mind, it helps you understand why so much focus is on the spine and body structure. The best chiropractor will ensure that there is proper spinal alignment. Interestingly, a study has researched the relationship between an inherited group of neurotrophin gene polymorphisms and chiropractic care efficacy. This means that due to inherited genes, some people may be more predisposed to finding pain relief through chiropractic adjustment.

    The same study also states that spine adjustment has been demonstrated as an effective treatment for acute and chronic pain. That is why spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) is largely seen as the best practice in the chiropractic centre community. Top chiropractor massage therapy is also a technique used to reduce muscle inflammation and reduce pain. 

    At our family chiropractic centre, our core beliefs and principles are to help people live healthier and pain-free. We’ve seen the benefits of chiropractic therapy first-hand and are committed to helping others in the community too. 


    How important are education and lifestyle changes in conjunction with chiropractic care for long-term well-being?

    Education and lifestyle changes play a massive role in injury prevention and rehabilitation when combined with chiropractic care. This is by addressing a few important aspects such as: 

    • Improved posture and body mechanics.
    • Reduced muscle tension due to imbalanced stress.
    • Enhanced joint flexibility and performance. 
    • Free-flowing nervous system pathways. 

    Usually, during a natural chiropractic adjustment, your chiropractor will also educate patients on preventative measures that should be taken. By concentrating on the list above, the aim is to improve your musculoskeletal system and reduce the risk of injury.

    The best chiropractor will always look to identify the root cause of pain and discomfort. By getting to the core problem, along with natural chiropractic adjustment, you can take measures to prevent future discomfort. One piece of advice is to stand tall and maintain proper posture and remind yourself when failing to do so. The main objective here is to get into the habit of maintaining proper posture at all times. 

    Another example is when you are seeing a chiropractor for migraines. Part of the discussion at the chiropractic centre may be about getting a chiropractor approved pillow. Body misalignment during sleep is a common cause of discomfort and a reason to seek family chiropractic care. Thus, part of the solution is to seek out advice and a change in your sleeping environment. 

    A study has shown that family chiropractic will play an important role in prevention-focused care amongst an aging population. Through education and lifestyle improvements, natural chiropractic aims to empower patient self-care and reduce risk factors.

    Your chiropractic centre is not only a place where you can seek a back chiropractor for example. You may also get important advice on nutrition, exercise, and stress management to support your overall health being. 


    Is natural chiropractic care regulated in NZ?

    Absolutely, the New Zealand Chiropractic Board (NZCB) is the regulatory body that oversees and regulates the natural chiropractic treatment industry. Any practicing chiropractor that provides chiropractic adjustment must be registered and hold an up-to-date certificate from the Board.

    Regardless of whether you’re searching for a chiropractor for shoulder pain or simply a chiropractor for migraines, they’re bound by legal responsibilities. These chiropractic adjustment responsibilities are laid out under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 which can be found here. Your chiropractor must also abide by the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights that can be found here.

    In addition, every family chiropractic centre must also adhere to the Boards code of ethics which can be found here. In summary, your chiropractor must adhere to a code of ethics in relation to:

    Interactions with Patients:

    • General 
    • Confidentiality & Privacy
    • Extended Term Management Plans (ETMP) & Pre-payment Arrangements (PPA)
    • Sexual Misconduct

    Interactions with Other Parties:

    • Interactions with the Public - Non-therapeutic
    • Interactions with Colleagues
    • Interactions with other Health Professionals
    • Interaction with Third Party Payers (in the case of a chiropractor insurance claim for example)

    A family chiropractic centre must renew their practicing certificate annually in order to continue providing chiropractic services. The Board recommends that all chiropractor practices display their certificate prominently in their chiropractic office. Therefore anyone who has an appointment, whether seeing a chiropractor for hip pain or migraines, can feel secure.

    Due to the private practice environment of the industry, the Chiropractic Board depends on the active participation of members. Any topics ranging from back chiropractor services or chiropractor hip adjustment, for example, may be discussed relating to best practices.

    For more information about chiropractic centre regulations and more, you can visit the NZCB website.

    When should you go to a chiropractor?

    Almost anyone can benefit from a chiropractor treatment, from babies to older adults. Even for pregnant women, a chiropractor visit would be very beneficial if they show discomfort. 

    A good chiropractor helps with physical and neurological health in general. You may consider visiting our family chiropractic clinic when you feel pain or for general health improvement. Here are some signs when you may consider seeing a chiropractor:

    Chiropractor for headaches; sometimes headaches come from a misalignment in the neck or spine.

    Low back pain. Depending on your lifestyle and the posture you maintain a chiropractor would help with your back pain by suggesting exercise treatment and ergonomic advice.

    Chiropractor for shoulder pain and neck pain. Poor posture and sitting at your desk too much can cause your neck and shoulders discomfort.

    Joint and muscle pain or stiffness. Our local Papakura-based chiropractor practice specialises in inspecting nerves, joints, and muscles throughout the body.

    Although these are the most important symptoms people experience before seeing a chiropractor, do not neglect these other cases. Our family chiropractic will also care for:

      • An active person 
      • Struggling with anxiety or depression 
      • Experiencing digestive problems 
      • Sharp or shooting pain in your legs 
      • Lacking flexibility and limited range of motion
      • chiropractor care during pregnancy
      • Numbness and tingling in your arms and legs
      • Dealing with arthritis

    You want to fix your posture you want to live a more health-conscious life through exercise, food, and stress-relieving techniques, book a consultation. We are a chiropractor Papakura based clinic, providing care to all looking for a chiropractor in Auckland.


    Can you help with hips/knees/shoulders?

    Yes, we are EVT certified, which means we are also trained to help with non-spinal conditions. This means we are your go-to chiropractor for shoulder pain, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and feet. Therefore, beyond just spine adjustment services.

    All specialists at our local Papakura chiropractor clinic are trained and registered to provide comprehensive natural chiropractic care. As there is no “one size fits all” approach, your chiropractor will look at your individual condition before treatment. Nonetheless, these are some common causes and chiropractic methods for treating non-spinal conditions:

    You can contact your Papakura chiropractor for shoulder pain to get to the root of the problem. Chronic shoulder pain can result from activities like sitting at a desk all day or sleeping in an awkward position. However, there are also sports injuries that can leave you with persistent pain long after the incident. Chiropractic treatment may include posture correction, regular chiropractic adjustments, and ultimately, patient behavioral changes to prevent further irritation. 

    Knee pain can be treated by a good chiropractor by correcting a patient’s posture. That way, your body weight is distributed evenly which lessens the burden of stress on the problematic knee. Hip and knee adjustments can also help mobilise joints and reduce inflammation. 

    A chiropractor for hip pain will aim to reduce inflammation, strengthen weak muscles, and improve joint mobility. A 2021 study found that chiropractors may use a combination of approaches to provide alternative chiropractic therapy for chronic pain. A chiropractor hip adjustment will aim to reduce stress on your hip joint and reduce your nagging hip pain. 

    Spine adjustment, elbows, wrists, and feet are other areas that your Papakura chiropractor will analyse to attain long-lasting benefits. Get in touch now and rest assured that you’re dealing with a top chiropractor practice. 


    Can you crack my whole spine? Can I get a quick crack in my (neck, back)?

    This can cause more harm than good. This is why a thorough examination prior to your adjustment is required. Our goal is to be specific in correcting the interference between the brain and body, rather than mere spinal manipulations. In the wrong place, this careless spine adjustment can do more harm than good. 

    People come to us for many reasons. Whether that’s looking for a chiropractor for shoulder pain, a sports chiropractor, or looking for a chiropractor for migraines. That is all perfectly fine and helpful in finding the root cause of your pain. Without identifying the cause, a cracked back chiropractor session is ineffective. 

    Good chiropractor treatment is highly personalised and there is no set formula for what chiropractic therapy patients require. Therefore, without an initial consultation and examination, a quick spinal manipulation goes against the core principle of good chiropractor treatment. 

    Getting to the root cause of your pain is also a great preventative measure against future discomfort. The goal of any family chiropractic practice should be to provide its clients with long-lasting solutions. Decreasing the frequency of your visits means that your body has actually done a good job adjusting. This includes the best chiropractor suggestions and advice on how to prevent a potential recurring injury by avoiding certain movements. Without understanding the cause of your problem, your chiropractor can’t give you advice on how to avoid future issues. 

    Therefore, when you’re searching for a top chiropractor, you should look for one offering an initial consultation without an adjustment. The initial assessment is done for your long-term benefit. Thus, the best chiropractor out there will not bypass it.


    I’ve seen (another provider), and they said everything was fine but I'm still in pain. Can you help me?

    Yes, most likely we will look at any case in a very different way than many other health providers. The initial natural chiropractic consultation will give us more information about each case specifically. 

    Our family chiropractic practice is persistent with a holistic approach to achieving optimal health. We analyse your full health history, neurological scans, orthopedic testing, posture analysis, and more if required. More importantly, we listen to your feedback and how you’re feeling to create a custom plan to attain desired results. 

    There are a couple of other reasons people consider switching to us as a chiropractic practice. One of them is the method of natural chiropractic adjustment. Whether that is their previous provider being too forceful in their adjustment or other things like feeling discomfort. Here at your local Papakura Chiropractic office, you will only experience adjustments you’re comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable with conventional natural chiropractic adjustments, there are other instrument-based alternatives that we can use. 

    Another reason to switch to your local Papakura Chiropractic office is the feeling that you’re not getting enough time. Although you’re not paying for time but rather the benefits of a natural chiropractic adjustment, your doctor should be present and attentive. You want to feel heard and that your concerns are adequately addressed. Taking the time to listen and connect with every individual that visits our family chiropractic is part of our foundation. That is particularly true in our bespoke chiropractic services completely tailored to achieve optimal health for you. 

    Therefore, if you think that chiropractic care is right for you but are unhappy with your current provider, contact us. Book your initial consultation at our family chiropractic and if you’re not satisfied, you can walk away, no questions asked.

    How often should you get a chiropractic adjustment?

    The frequency you see your chiropractor is totally dependent on your unique circumstances and well-being. Some people will visit our chiropractor clinic as regularly as once or twice a month. Others will see a chiropractor less regularly such as once every three months or when in pain.  

    This brings us to the reasons behind your choice of frequency in seeking chiropractic care. One significant reason is clearly pain and discomfort. It is in our nature to ignore little niggles until they become unbearable. It is the same reason why many of us will seek natural chiropractic when in pain. In fact, that is often the case with spine adjustment requests that come through our chiropractic centre.

    On the other hand, others will come to our nearby chiropractor clinic more regularly to take preventative measures. While we don’t urge you to come unnecessarily and too often, ensuring your spine is functioning properly is highly beneficial. As the information highway between the brain and the body, the spine is key to your overall health. Thus, in this case, seeing a chiropractor can be thought of as part of your maintenance plan to function optimally.

    Of course, some come for other specific reasons, such as improving sports performance or seeking a pregnancy chiropractor.

    Ultimately, how often you should go see your chiropractor depends on the reason that caused you to seek out natural chiropractic treatment in the first place. Having that conversation with your chiropractor and creating a plan that works for you is key. It may mean you visit our chiropractor clinic once or twice a month or once or twice yearly!


    Can natural chiropractic care be used in conjunction with other forms of medical treatment or therapy?

    When it comes to good chiropractor care, most people only see it as an alternative to medical treatment. However, first-hand experience at our family chiropractic office indicates that people can seek both options at the same time. A medical doctor may suggest getting a spine adjustment and a chiropractic centre will also refer you to a specialist. This collaborative relationship is in place to provide the best possible care to all patients. 

    A study conducted in 2013 tested the relationship between chiropractic services and medical care in active-duty military personnel with lower back pain. The test subjects were split into 2 groups. One group received standard medical therapy and the other received spine adjustment treatment in addition to medical care. While both groups saw an improvement, the group that received both treatments scored “significantly better” results compared to the other. 73% reported an improvement in mobility and pain reduction compared to just 17% in the singular medical treatment group. 

    However, our collaboration does not stop at medical doctors only. As a Papakura chiropractor, we often refer and are being referred by osteopaths, massage therapists, physios, and more. Chiropractic treatment in conjunction with any of the other physical therapies enables you to enjoy the benefits across multiple modalities. Because they target healing in different ways, physical treatment may aid in retraining the muscles while the best chiropractor helps improve circulation. This particular combination of seeing a physio and a chiropractor hip adjustment may expedite an athlete’s recovery from an injury. This is just one example or scenario where chiropractic therapy can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment. 

    If you aren’t sure what combination works best for you, feel free to reach out to our chiropractic practice. We’re happy to steer you in the right direction. 


    What is meant by ‘family chiropractic’ care? 

    Seeing a good back chiropractor applies to all ages. People from all walks of life can and do visit our local Papakura chiropractor centre. When referring to family chiropractic treatment we imply everyone from a baby to the parents, brother or sister, and grandparents. 

    Kids and babies are in a rapid mental and physical development phase as they age. Seeking chiropractic care will boost the likelihood they grow healthy and strong. Seeing a chiropractor while pregnant is also beneficial for mother and baby in seeking comfort and pain relief. 

    The parents are typically the backbone of the modern family. Chiropractic care can be a great way to alleviate physical stress and prevent injuries. From a chiropractor for migraines to one for shoulder pain, there are significant benefits. A family chiropractic office that caters to both kids and adults is a convenient way to accommodate busy schedules. 

    Grandparents are also a key component of a healthy and happy family. Natural chiropractic treatment can be a positive tool for aging successfully. Improving and prolonging mobility enables grandparents to continue doing what they love for as long as possible. Getting a chiropractor X ray is a great way to understand what’s going on. As the older generations often battle with chronic pain, a chiropractor helps with managing pain and treating symptoms. 

    Our chiropractor team is made up of experienced professionals committed to helping the community. We can handle various challenges and deal with people from all walks of life. Chiropractic treatment on a child requires unique skills and techniques compared to adults for example. The equipment and how it is applied for a pregnant woman also differs from that necessary for your grandfather. The reason we are a family chiropractic centre is due to our ability to help all ages and circumstances.


    How many sessions of chiropractic adjustment are typically needed to see results? 

    Many people experience significant results even after just one adjustment from a top chiropractor. However, this is not the case for every patient and every kind of symptom or pain. 

    The first session at a natural chiropractic practice will probably yield quicker and more noticeable pain relief than ongoing treatments. Without any follow-ups, however, discomfort can return after some time as your body has not learned how to strengthen itself. Take those seeking a chiropractor for migraines for example. Let’s assume that the first adjustment at our Papakura chiropractor clinic helps limit the frequency and severity of migraines. After a few weeks, or months, the initial symptoms could come back again. That is because the root cause could be linked to misalignment on your neck and back. Without follow-up sessions, you did not give your body enough time to strengthen any weak points and avoid future symptoms.

    A chiropractic services plan will usually involve a high frequency of visits initially and then recommended preventative visits. Studies have shown that about 12 total chiropractic centre sessions over 6 weeks are recommended for back pain relief. After that, you could visit a back chiropractor quarterly or annually to minimise the risk of old symptoms resurfacing. Therefore, your treatment will go from symptom-dependent such as a chiropractor for shoulder pain, to maintenance to prevent future injuries. 

    Other people will visit a family chiropractic centre to maintain proper spinal alignment without any existing pain symptoms. Aging successfully and prolonging mobility is a perfectly justifiable reason to visit a family chiropractic office. These visits can be spread out every few months depending on the individual and their long-term goals.

    Why does seeing a chiropractor feel so good afterward?

    There are three main reasons why you feel so good after your chiropractor visit. Those are a release of endorphins, reduction in pain and inflammation, and reduced muscle tension. Noted, a top chiropractor is important in making you feel comfortable and enabling you to experience this feel-good factor.  

    Endorphins are the “feel-good” chemicals that are released throughout the body through your nervous system to cope with stress. After an adjustment at our family chiropractic, you’ll feel tension relief in the body which causes a release of endorphins. Thereafter feeling a sense of pure joy and happiness. 

    Poor posture is often associated with pain and inflammation over time. Chiropractic services are aimed to fix poor posture and thus minimise any pain or inflammation you are feeling. At our Papakura clinic, we see many people seeking chiropractic treatment in the area, particularly for this reason.

    If your spine is not properly aligned, your muscles are often having to work overtime to maintain mobility. Natural chiropractic will help release some of that muscle tension by optimising the function of your musculoskeletal system. Reduced muscle tension can naturally help you feel more mentally and physically relaxed. More often than not, proper spinal alignment will also help those seeking a chiropractor for hip pain or other areas. 

    These are some of the main reasons why you feel so good after chiropractic therapy. If you’re in search of that feel-good factor and looking for a chiropractor, visit us. 


    Does a natural chiropractic adjustment hurt?

    We perform chiropractic adjustment specifically suited to your tolerance/condition, etc.
    The patient may feel pressure while getting adjusted but it will rarely hurt. Communication is key to a seamless natural chiropractic experience. 

    For most patients, a natural chiropractic adjustment is painless. If you’re new to chiropractic treatment, you may naturally feel stiff until you’re comfortable and able to relax during sessions.

    Generally, most patients feel a sense of relief and calmness after seeing a Papakura chiropractor at our chiropractic centre. You may feel some pops or cracks similar to cracking your knuckles. These are tiny pockets of gas released from the joints, resulting in the “popping” sound. However, you shouldn’t feel any intense pain during natural chiropractic treatment.

    Nonetheless, it is important you let your chiropractor know of any discomfort before and after a session. Sometimes, you can experience minor aches after a visit to a chiropractic centre, similar to those felt after intense exercise. Often, this is no cause for concern and will go away in a few days. However, a top chiropractor will be trained to recognise when an injury is outside of their scope of practice. In these cases, you will be referred to the appropriate medical specialist if necessary. 

    In all cases, it is crucial that your adjustments are done by a licensed, registered, and good chiropractor. You will only be treated by an experienced and qualified practitioner at our local chiropractic centre. We see patients looking for a good chiropractor for headaches, shoulder pain, spinal injuries, and more. Rest assured you’re in good hands with the best chiropractor to discuss your tolerance and condition prior to chiropractic care. 


    Is natural chiropractic care tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each patient?

    Of course, at our family chiropractic practice, each patient is treated based on their tolerance and unique set of circumstances. That’s why we don’t jump into a spine adjustment at the first visit. The initial consultation is all about a top-to-toe body assessment and medical history. A chiropractor X ray may be necessary to understand what’s going on. In addition, we discuss any questions you may have prior to receiving natural chiropractic care. 

    As briefly mentioned, your pain levels and tolerance threshold are taken into consideration by any good chiropractor. You shouldn’t feel pain during a chiropractic adjustment, however, some people are more sensitive than others. At our chiropractic practice, new patients are treated with the utmost care and respect. Together we will establish your comfort levels and provide a chiropractic treatment plan to suit.

    A plan will be established in the following order:

    • Musculoskeletal full-body assessment
    • Analysis and diagnosis
    • Personalised chiropractic therapy plan
    • Chiropractic adjustment sessions
    • Patient preferences are established
    • Ongoing evaluation and care

    As a family chiropractic centre, we’re used to treating patients from all walks of life. This experience has taught us that each patient must be listened to in order to provide the best treatment. Ultimately, the goal at our family chiropractic office is to get you back to feeling and moving at your best. With that in mind, a cookie-cutter approach won’t get to the root cause of the problem, unlike a custom plan. 

    A custom plan may include any of the following:

    • Spinal decompression (taking pressure off your spinal discs)
    • Soft-tissue chiropractic therapy (targeted kneading and stretch technique)
    • Spinal manipulation (improve alignment and physical function)
    • Chiropractor massage (relax tight muscles and relieve joint stress)

    These top chiropractor services may be used in conjunction with one another or separately depending on your unique requirements.


    How is the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment measured, and what outcomes can patients expect?

    There are multiple ways that a good chiropractor measures the effectiveness of natural chiropractic care. Here at your local Papakura chiropractor, we ask for your medical history at your initial visit. This is an important step to understanding your overall health and potentially tracking the source of any discomfort or pain. Thereafter, assessments such as neurological scans and pain drawings are done periodically to measure chiropractic therapy effectiveness. 

    Neurological scans are mostly associated with the brain. Here at our family chiropractic centre, we’re equipped with neurological scan technology that measures how well your nervous system is functioning. These scans may reveal insights into the function of your immune system and internal organs, indicate weak points, and more. These are particularly useful before spine adjustment treatment to narrow down the point of misalignment. A chiropractor X ray may also be completed at your initial consultation in combination with neurological scans for visual understanding. 

    Pain drawings are a diagnostic term to identify the amount, severity, and type of pain a patient is experiencing. You may be presented with a literal drawing of a front and back view of the human body. In a natural chiropractic setting, you’re likely to conduct a diagnosis verbally through a range of questions about your pain.

    As previously mentioned, these assessments happen regularly to assess the effectiveness of your chiropractic adjustment visits. However, the best chiropractor will also utilise these assessments to adjust your chiropractic care plan based on results. Patients can expect to feel at least some pain alleviation, better range of motion, and overall health improvement. However, no case is the same when it comes to chiropractic adjustment. Those seeking a chiropractor for hip pain will have different expectations and results from those seeking a chiropractor for headaches.

    Why should you not attempt spinal manipulation on yourself or others at home?

    A chiropractor will typically go through five years of study and training to gain the necessary experience for chiropractic treatment. This is by design so that the best natural chiropractic care is given in the safest way possible. 

    Trying to perform spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment on yourself or others without the proper experience can lead to injury. Side effects may include soreness, headaches, muscle spasms, and more. In more extreme cases, it may cause damage to the spine or surrounding area.

    That’s why you should always see a chiropractor by appointment at your local chiropractic centre rather than doing it yourself. Whether you’re seeking a chiropractor for headaches or require a chiropractor X ray, the cost is normally manageable for most. The best chiropractor treatment will also reduce the frequency or the necessity to seek additional treatment. 

    Self-adjusting risks aggravating an existing discomfort when you don’t know the appropriate techniques used at a chiropractic office. Even the most common issues such as back chiropractor adjustments or a chiropractor hip adjustment require proper and experienced care.

    Self-adjusting is also much more restrictive than seeing a back chiropractor or a chiropractor for hip pain for example. That is because you’re likely not able to accurately pinpoint and adjust the exact area causing muscle tightness. This means that the root cause will be left untreated even if you may feel temporary relief. The underlying issue can be seriously damaging in the long run and seeking professional help is always your best option!

    Our family chiropractic centre has been serving the community for over 60 years and are always ready to help. We also have chiropractor X ray facilities that help us get the full picture. Reach out for an initial consultation when you’re ready.


    Do you perform a chiropractic adjustment on the first visit?

    Every spine is unique and it is not best practice to rush into chiropractic treatment without first understanding the root cause of your problem. Your delicate nervous system sits inside your spine and significant analysis needs to be done before chiropractic adjustment to ensure safety and effectiveness. Therefore, we need time to sit and put all of the pieces of the puzzle together regarding every person's health. This is so that we can evaluate the
    safety and efficacy that a natural chiropractic adjustment will bring. This analysis and specificity are what sets us apart as you get better as safely and quickly as possible.

    The initial chiropractic practice consultation involves a look at the patient’s history and symptoms. This is where a top chiropractor will want to know your background information regarding any symptoms and condition. Do you have any pain? Where and how did the pain start? What activities make it better or worse? 

    Next at our chiropractic centre, you’ll undergo a chiropractic exam including range of motion testing, orthopedic testing, postural testing, and a full natural chiropractic spinal exam. You’ll also undergo natural chiropractic neurological scans to assess neurological efficiency, overall health adaptability (HRV), and muscle states.  

    X-rays may be undertaken if your Papakura chiropractor believes it provides valuable information for treatment. Once the diagnosis has been established, tailored chiropractic treatment can be planned out as the best way forward. Only then it’s advised to start your chiropractic adjustment with your local Papakura chiropractor.

    Chiropractic treatment without first analysing the root of the problem is likely to be ineffective and unsafe. Without a full analysis, your chiropractor won’t know what area needs to be targeted. This is the main reason why many people visit us after being dissatisfied with the service at another chiropractic office. 

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