About Papakura Chiropractic

Our goal as a chiropractor is to ensure there is a clear pathway between the brain and body. By clearing the nervous system, the people who come to Papakura Chiropractic can live a life more vibrant, that’s how we give our people the best chance at healing, adapting to life, growing or aging successfully – no matter who they are or what stage they are at in their life.

At our chiropractic centre, the values we love to live and practice by are “HIGH Quality”.

  • Everything we do and everything we achieve is about loving and living life at the highest quality!
  • As a doctor of chiropractic, we want to have our own integrity at the highest priority because our people deserve nothing less.
  • We want happiness and fulfilment in life as we are all growing into better beings.
  • Most importantly all the other factors need to play together in ideal harmony.

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    34 Coles Crescent, Papakura, Auckland 2110